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First Published January 9, 2024


| Have You Ever Heard Of Brain Organ Pineal Gland By AwareStore x Kally Mok |
Have you ever wondered where our soul sits in our body? Have you ever heard of this organ in our brain that is called the “pineal gland”? Throughout history and modern times many wise people think that it is the most important organ in our body that carries our own consciousness and soul. This time, together with Kally Mok we share some interesting facts about this organ with you.







First Published September 30, 2023


| Fun Facts Series ~ Emotions vs. Body Vibrational Frequency vs. Consciousness |
Previously we and Kally Mok made a video to introduce to you different levels of human consciousness. This time we went a bit deeper to give you an overview on the concepts of body’s vibrational frequencies and how they relate to our own emotions and levels of consciousness. We hope you will like it!







First Published June 22, 2023


What Is 3D 4D 5D Consciousness In 3 Minutes By AwareStore x Kally Mok
Our last video with Kally was about learning to read the “ingredients labels”… have you noticed that most of the time we make our own purchase / eating / action decisions without going through a “conscious” process? i.e. we do not really know the real reasons why we made those decisions… this time, we prepared a video on the subject “3D 4D 5D Consciousness” (D stands for “density”) and hope to introduce to you the basics of these different levels of consciousness… we will cover more on this topic going forward







First Published January 24, 2023


Truth Series ~ How To Understand Ingredients Labels
Many of us do not quite read the ingredients labels of the products that we buy everyday.
Not until something undesirable happened to you maybe?
It is actually extremely important for us to learn what ingredients are in the products that we consume.
Kally Mok and we prepared this 4-minute video to help you understand these ingredients labels!







First Published September 13, 2022


Truth Series ~ Fluoride
We are told “fluoride” is added into our drinking water and toothpastes to “prevent tooth decay.” Truths have come out painting completely another picture. AwareStore x Kally Mok this time shares more related info with you







First Published June 22, 2022


【 Concepts Overview ~ What Is “Organic” Actually? 】
What Is “Organic”? We often hear this term nowadays but it seems not everyone has a clear idea of what it actually stands for.
AwareStore x Kally Mok once again walks through these basic concepts with you








First Published May 13, 2022


【 🥁 Truths Time ~ Carbon Dioxide Emission? Carbon Footprint? AwareStore x Kally Mok Brings You Another Side of the Story Again! 】

We hear about "carbon emission" and “carbon footprint” all the time now on the mainstream media and in schools. But why is that? What on earth is “carbon dioxide (CO2)”? Is it really that evil?????? Again, we have some truths to share with you 💚








First Published April 1, 2022


【 🥁 Truths Time ~ Climate Change? AwareStore x Kally Mok Brings You Another Side of the Story! 】

We hear non-stop about "climate change" on the mainstream media and in schools. But surprisingly and sadly these media and institutions never really do proper scientific research before they repeat these scientific concepts.

At the very beginning AwareStore's founder 🙋🏻‍♀️ also believed in these fear-mongering climate change narratives. But after some research was done, she knows we were conned yet again.

This video debunks some fundamental misinformation around the "climate change issue," and we will explore this subject matter further in the next. Stay tuned!








First Published March 21, 2022


【 🥁 Truths Time ~ What Is Virus Actuually? 】

Aren’t we all impacted big time by some so-called viruses these two years? Right from the start AwareStore Hong Kong has reminded everyone that there is nothing to be scared of - your own immune system is the thing that you would need to take care of. We did the necessary research to come up with such scientific conclusions. Coming up we have some terrific videos featuring 😍 Kally Mok to help explain and explore some interesting topics. Hope you like them! ❤️