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Have You Ever Heard Of Brain Organ Pineal Gland By AwareStore x Kally Mok

Published January 9, 2024

Have you ever wondered where our soul sits in our body? Have you ever heard of this organ in our brain that is called the “pineal gland”? Throughout history and modern times many wise people think that it is the most important organ in our body that carries our own consciousness and soul. This time, together with Kally Mok we share some interesting facts about this organ with you.

⭐️ Identity ⭐️

Published October 11, 2023

In our last long post, we explained how the ds-controlled mainstream media and “education” system have successfully corrupted everybody’s mind and behavior. This time, we would like to share with you how the ds used the systems that they created to master everyone’s life


Because our minds have been manipulated by the misleading information and “knowledge” spread and taught by the mainstream media and schools, we generally believe in the established systems that we are living in, without really ever wanting to question how the governments were formed, how the laws were written, who designed the tax codes, etc. And we naturally give these institutions and systems our own sacred consent and power


Since not many in Hong Kong are interested in probing into this matter, let me share my findings with you here


Above all, we, human beings, made up of real flesh and blood, who are alive, each carrying a soul, and inter-connecting with the mother nature, indeed have a “living being” identity without any questions. But in the systems that the ds established, they give every one of us living human beings an identity of a dead object or cargo or resource, i.e. natural person vs. cargo


The governments that the ds occupied or built throughout the world for thousands and thousands of years are run using “maritime law” and “corporate law,” not “natural law.” The living people in these countries are cargos / resources to the ds entities and these human “legal” fictions are traded as “private properties” by the ds


These ds-controlled governments are public institutions ON THE SURFACE, but in truth they are private “corporations,” run using maritime law and corporate law. All key positions in these corporation governments are secured by people designated by the ds (in later sharings we can explain how the whitehats manage to take back control of these governments steadily in recent few years). These governments are not formed by local citizens (who lost the battles and/or are no longer interested in grasping power) so they do not report to the citizens, but the ds headquarters


The fraudulent bank loan systems that we talked about coupled with the maritime law and corporate law system in each of these ds-controlled countries instantly make every living human being dead properties / resources that can be exploited, deceived and consumed non-stop to feed the ds’ worldwide matrix. Rightfully and apparently, living human beings should never have been dead properties subject to maritime / corporate laws and should never have been needed to sacrifice their own divine lives and well being for non-stop repaying bank loans and paying government taxes and so on


In this current transition period, each one of us would have to review how each of us and our own family have been targeted and used by the evil system our whole lifetimes. Without this innerstanding (understanding), we will not be able to exit the old ds matrix system, kick-start the brilliant new systems prepared for us by the whitehats 💕, and will not be able to build and sustain ourselves the new healthy living environments in the new phase


We had to skip many details above which we hope we can share further with you soon. Please remember to support our work at AwareStore to make it possible for us to continue this work for humanity


Apart from purchasing our products, you can also donate here: https://www.awarestore.com.hk/products?query=gift%20certificate


#awareness #awakening #humanity

Fun Facts Series ~ Emotions vs. Body Vibrational Frequency vs. Consciousness

Published September 30, 2023

Previously we and Kally Mok made a video to introduce to you different levels of human consciousness. This time we went a bit deeper to give you an overview on the concepts of body’s vibrational frequencies and how they relate to our own emotions and levels of consciousness. We hope you will like it!

🔹 Duality 🔹

Published September 4, 2023

Thus far we have already revealed some pieces of truths that might have already awed you. You might now be thinking why on earth you did not notice those things that happen in plain sight? For myself, I did spend about 7 years’ time to finally comprehend the whole situations and manage to conclude that the following few things are the fundamental reasons why we chose to turn a blind eye on what is actually going on in our lives:

.Media (including the entertainment industry)
.Family members, relatives, peers


We previously mentioned that the mainstream media and education system are two of the many things that were controlled by the deep state. We, human beings (family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.), have fallen victims of these two very things, sadly


Media platforms like television, radio, cinema, newspaper, magazine, etc. have been so powerful and pervasive that from our very childhood we naturally see the information coming from these sources as “nothing but the whole truths.” As time goes by, we discredit any other information coming from other sources – we only believe those that come from the traditional mainstream media channels. The deep state understood this human psychology deeply very early-on and started to build a global network of “news” media and entertainment companies, eliminate channels that spread truthful information and acquire media companies all over the world so that they can dissimilate the same “news,” information and contents directly and easily. The entertainment contents that they deliberately produced even have the ability to paralyze mankind’s senses


The same goes for the “education” system. The deep state had designed a similar “education” system all over the world accompanied by the same syllabuses and evaluation systems. People are destined to be bound by the rules, go on the same “learning” speed and “learn” exactly the same contents. After being “educated,” they get to be rewarded with “graduation certificates,” titles and/or “doctoral” degrees. If someone challenges the contents taught in the schools, the school students would feel confused, offended and even upset because they are unable to comprehend other ideas beyond what has been “taught” to them at school


As a result, our minds have already been soaked up by the contents coming from the mainstream media and schools. We now forgot to use our own senses to feel and observe the world directly, use our own eyes to look at the realities ourselves and use our own brain power to dissect events but automatically rely on the information and views from the mainstream media and only refer to the “knowledge” acquired in school. These illusions created by the deep state efforts always drastically differ from the true reality, and we call this phenomenon a “duality”


If we recognize this situation and start to only use our own senses to discover the truths ourselves and forgo the illusions cast on us by the deep state, the “duality” situation stops to exist


To be continued

About “Money” 💲

Published August 30, 2023

In Hong Kong, from being born, to going to school, learning to watch TV, listening to radio, and now using the internet, the majority of us have seemed to follow the same life direction pretty much. And pretty much all of us recognize that “going to school, going to work, retiring and enjoying the post-retirement life” is a set life cycle


I myself (founder of this company) having joined the eco business industry, done a whole lot of research and realized how the misleading “climate change” alike narratives have been pushed by the deep state through their mainstream media apparatus, and that virtually all college professors simply read from their textbooks blindly, I had stopped using any information coming from the (legacy) mainstream media and the academic institutions from early-on


Thanks to the lovely internet, almost all kinds of information can be found up there. And I took advantage of it to look for answers non-stop to feed my thirst for truths


There is indeed so much information that I want to share with you. Why won’t we begin with one thing that everybody cares about - money


We AwareStore previously said that because of how busy our lives are, most of us have not thought about the question of who actually designed and created our monetary system. We had also mentioned that it is the deep state that has started all the ordeals


The so-called “economic downturns” that we all are witnessing right now is actually a work-in-progress of the normalization work enabled by the whitehats who took back control of the Earth around 7-8 years ago


In 1971, the United States* formally cancelled the “gold standard” meaning the value of the dollar no longer had to be pegged to the value of gold. Since then, there has been virtually no limits anymore as to how much money can be printed, and that has led to the humongous bubble economy and over-lending situations all over the world past 50 years
*not the United States in truth, but the deep state


Regarding lending (loans), Hong Kong people should be quite familiar with the practice. I want to reveal the truths to you straight-up:


The lending institutions (banks) do not have to possess the money in order to lend you the money (one of the evil rules set by the deep state). As soon as someone signs certain loan documents, s/he starts to repay the principle (plus interest) monthly to the institution with (real) money that s/he earns through hard work whilst the institution does not originally possess that money. Simply put, the institution just sits here every month to receive moneys that it does not originally have. i.e. your signature   money creation (for them)


Sounds insane? Totally! This is why we very much want to share all the information that we gathered with you


Feeling angry? Please calm down first. Being angry right now does not help solve the problems. Please share what you have learned with others and invest time in identifying ways to break through the deep state matrix for yourself and your family. Stop being a slave in the obsolete system and start co-creating new rules that you desire for a new world that you want to live in


To be continued


Image credit: web


Published August 20, 2023

In our last post we talked about how the benevolent extraterrestrials have already finished “kicking-out” the evil extraterrestrials and that us Earth people (terrans) have already entered a long “transition period”


Before we go on to cover different related topics, we would like to first familiarize you with a list of terms that we will be using very often:

: ) Benevolent extraterrestrials + positive human military forces & their organizations > we would refer them to as the “whitehats”


: ) Allied, positive, well-minded, high-clearance military forces from different countries > “Earth Alliance”


: ( Evil extraterrestrials + their human associates / established organizations = deep state / cabal / cartel / dark hats / black hats > we will refer them to as the “deep state” or “ds”

: ( Lower-level yet still influential human beings who facilitate ds operations > “ds minions”

: ( Global news outlets + global media monopoly & network > “(legacy) mainstream media”

: ( “Matrix” which we already mentioned in our last post

: ) Places where the whitehats / Earth Alliance arbitrate and sentence ds operatives > “military tribunals”

: ) Exposure of ds’ evil acts from past to present and revelation of the details of the whitehats’ counter-measures to the general public > “disclosure”

: ) The method through which these details are skillfully revealed to the general public > “soft disclosure”


We will further explain different terms used in different topics when we cover them in the future


Most of us human beings would have very likely viewed world events based on the unit of different nations. However the sad fact is that most of the time what lies behind different countries is the same group of people / organization


It might sound a bit far-fetched to you at this moment. Rest assured we AwareStore will explain in more details in the near future


The good news is that the ds is almost already completely torn-down by the whitehats after their years’ hard work. The time for “soft disclosure” has finally come


Due to the extremely dangerous nature of the ds operatives, the whitehats would never mindlessly reveal their plans and operations, even to this date


To be continued

On Worldwide Matrix

Published August 12, 2023

In Hong Kong recently, most people should already have noticed the dwindling local and global economy


Have you ever wondered who on earth actually dictated the global financial system, the origins of moneys and their roles in our world?


We believe very few people have as most of them are too busy getting on with life full of challenges and entertainment. Even if they have thought about it, they often cannot get a clear answer, sadly


We hope what we AwareStore share here in coming weeks and months can help you get closer to the truths


Most people in Hong Kong should more or less be familiar with the possible existence of “aliens” or ETs. Our founder, who is barely interested in these lifeforms growing-up, has come to realize that these lifeforms actually play a critical role in humans’ lives, after being exposed to a wealth of information around global politics and the state of humanity


Our school syllabus in Hong Kong never mentions the existence of different planetary star systems, their people, and how busy these planets actually are (we will come back at a later time to talk about why our school syllabus does not cover truths)


What our founder has come to realize is that the way humans have lived this Earth for x number of years was dictated right in the very beginning by some very ill-minded extraterrestrials. You might also call them the “negative extraterrestrials” or the “bad guys”…


And at the same time well-minded extraterrestrials do exist and they have been monitoring the behavior of these evil extraterrestrials


On Earth as soon as human beings themselves started to fight for themselves, these well-minded extraterrestrials started to get involved and help human beings get rid of these negative extraterrestrials


Right around a year or two ago (around year 2021) the well-minded extraterrestrials finally finished kicking out all evil extraterrestrials


The whole global financial system, the whole worldwide governmental structures, the judicial systems, school systems, pharmaceuticals and foods production conglomerates, the media industry, etc. engineered by these negative extraterrestrials with the help of their bought humans, will take a very long time to be replaced and dismantled


Good news is that we have already entered a transition period, that is going to be a very long one. Starting a few years ago these obsolete and evil systems have already started to be officially and secretly replaced by the benevolent extraterrestrials and the Earth Alliance (positive human military forces). They work very hard day-in and day-out to engineer, test and implement the new systems. The mainstream media will never talk about it for reasons we will detail at a later time


In our last post, we mentioned how fake the “climate change” “global warming” and “carbon footprints” narratives are. These narratives were created exactly by this same group of evil humans and extraterrestrials, who regularly use wars, “viruses,” among others, to create fear, divisions and chaoses among human beings


To be continued…

About Eco-Friendly & Carbon Reduction

Published August 7, 2023

Back in 2015 when AwareStore’s founder founded the company, she was very naive to think that everything can be 100% eco-friendly. Not until she did the necessary research and realized that the whole eco-friendly thing is not as simple as it appeared to her and what’s more, to her utter shock, she realized there lies a whole lot of corruption and evilness behind the practices.


It would take us a lot of time to share all the related information with you here so we aim to only convey our key thoughts here in this post. We already made 2 videos on the climate change and CO2 topics previously. Links can be found below and please take time to go through them. Going forward we will share bits by bits of the information we gathered along the years here and through other means.


To be able to promote eco-friendly products and ideas, one must do the necessary research first. That was what our founder did. After about one year since founding the company, unfortunately, she found that what she heard about “eco-friendly” / “climate change” / “global warming” and more recently “carbon footprints” has basically no concrete and real scientific data back-ups. She was shocked that people would say and do things without referring to the truths and real scientific data. They simply follow what the mainstream media tell them to do and to say (you might want to as well refer to our previous posts and video on “consciousness”).


She did not dare to say much on the company’s social media front after learning how corrupted and evil the agenda is. Only after a few years’ time she gathered sufficient courage to publish related information on her company’s website.


People may then be asking: why are we being conned? This is exactly what she spent time finding out these 7 or 8 years. Luckily she finally found most of the answers. We would like to share all the related information with you here and through other ways going forward. If there are any specific topics that particularly interest you, please let us know. We will gauge the sequence of the sharing of different details according to the situations at hand.


Please remember to support us by patronizing our online store and physical shops. We appreciate every bit of your support and guess what, it counts towards your personal contributions to improve Hong Kong’s and the humanity’s future  


AwareStore Videos: https://www.youtube.com/@awarestorehongkong/videos


AwareStore’s Webpage on Climate Change: https://www.awarestore.com.hk/pages/climate-change


Published August 1, 2023

This company Love Is Solution (HK) Limited / AwareStore came into life only because its founder followed her own intuition


In a highly-competitive society like Hong Kong and owing to the reasons mentioned in our last post, the majority of Hong Kong people lost their innate consciousness ability


They generally do things only because other people also do those things and no conscious thought processes are involved therein


Influenced by the mainstream media and people around ourselves like family, relatives and friends, we basically only know how to “look outward” to seek outside validations and stimuli to satisfy ourselves. It gets to the point where we would continue to do what we do even though those things may not be what we ourselves prefer or like, so long we get validations from others / outside


In Hong Kong growing up, we are not encouraged to “look inside” or “look inward” and follow our own intuitions. On the contrary, we have been encouraged to constantly seek outside validations and stimuli


As a result, people mindlessly and unconsciously destroy human relationships as well as suck natural resources in the community and mother nature rendering a society in the present full of emotional depression, fierce competitions and depleted natural resources


So long as we learn how to look inward and respect our own innate feelings and follow our own intuitions, both human relationship and the things around us will get better shapes naturally


So try to look inside yourself, go inward and observe what your true needs are (not what other people tell you what you need) and try to find out what your original state is like?


Published July 23, 2023

It seems quite a lot of people are not certain about what “consciousness” is exactly. Let us delve into it for a moment now.

“Consciousness” is actually innate. Then how come most of us have lost it? Here are some of the reasons:

• “medical” interventions right from birth
• 24/7 mainstream media bombardment
• constant intake of polluted foods
• constant intake of water / drinks with fluoride added
• long-term livings in metropolitans
• non-stop fears
etc. etc.


So in other words, our consciousness has already been tampered with right from the moment we are inside our mother’s womb and right from our birth.


How could we retrieve our consciousness then? You guessed it:

+ Increase intake of unpolluted foods
+ Drink water with fluoride filtered-out
+ Move away from mainstream media bombardment
+ Get close to the mother nature environment more
+ Move away from “medical” interventions
+ Look inside yourself and follow your own intuitions


What do you mean by “look inside yourself” and why “follow our own intuitions”? We will explain next time!

Image credit: web

Unconscious, people Do Things to Harm themselves Without realizing it.

Published July 16, 2023

In the recently published video we introduced to you there are different levels of consciousness, namely, 3D, 4D & 5D


First of all, we do not particularly desire to over-analyze the terminologies of these labels (whether they stand for densities or dimensions, which do not at this moment mean a whole lot to our upcoming discussion) and instead, we want to first focus on the concept of “consciousness”


Have you noticed that many people do not make their everyday decisions to the best interest of their own and their surrounding people’s well-being? Why is that?


And have you noticed that this particular concept of “consciousness” is absent in our society growing up and in our school system in HK? Why is that? (you may want to think about why)


In a competitive society like the one we live in right now, people are very used to making unconscious decisions without going through a thought process and those decisions are actually harming themselves and the society as a whole


Without now going further on this topic, we first want to remind everyone of the existence of this “consciousness” thing


Moving forward we will share more related topics with you  

What Is 3D 4D 5D Consciousness In 3 Minutes By AwareStore x Kally Mok

Published June 22, 2023

Our last video with Kally was about learning to read the “ingredients labels”… have you noticed that most of the time we make our own purchase / eating / action decisions without going through a “conscious” process? i.e. we do not really know the real reasons why we made those decisions… this time, we prepared a video on the subject “3D 4D 5D Consciousness” (D stands for “density”) and hope to introduce to you the basics of these different levels of consciousness… we will cover more on this topic going forward