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Toothpaste Fluoride-Free for Sensitive Orange Mint Gel 4.5 oz



Kiss My Face
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This Sensitive Formula helps reduce tooth sensitivity with Potassium Nitrate, remove plaque with Xylitol and Tea Tree, whiten with Icelandic Moss, prevents tartar build up with Zinc Citrate, promote healthy gums with Echinacea.

- Formulated with gluten-free and vegan-friendly ingredients
- No parabens
- No phthalates
- No SLS
- Not animal tested
- No artificial flavors
- No artificial fragrances

Fluoride is a substance added to the drinking water in many countries. It was recognized as an element that can fight tooth decay. This claim turned out to be another scam. Fluoride is actually a toxic chemical that poses a lot of health problems to human. Quote from the FAQ section of Floride Action Network

"Fluoride has long been known to be a very toxic substance. This is why, like arsenic, fluoride has been used in pesticides and rodenticides (to kill rats, insects, etc). It is also why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now requires that all fluoride toothpaste sold in the U.S. carry a poison warning that instructs users to contact the poison control center if they swallow more than used for brushing.

Excessive fluoride exposure is well known to cause a painful bone disease (skeletal fluorosis), as well as a discoloration of the teeth known as dental fluorosis. Excessive fluoride exposure has also been linked to a range of other chronic ailments including arthritis, bone fragility, dental fluorosis, glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, thyroid disease, and possibly cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

While the lowest doses that cause some of these effects are not yet well defined, it is clear that certain subsets of the population are particularly vulnerable to fluoride’s toxicity. Populations that have heightened susceptibility to fluoride include infants, individuals with kidney disease, individuals with nutrient deficiencies (particularly calcium and iodine), and individuals with medical conditions that cause excessive thirst."

About the brand:

Kiss My Face was founded by Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz, both long-time vegetarians, in 1980 on a 200-acre organic farm in New York's beautiful Hudson River Valley. They believe that nature creates the best ingredients and it became their mission to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care products that are innovative and uniquely effective to make people look and feel good from head to toe. Visit their official website for more information.

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