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Green Cotton
Quantity :
- 100% Cotton
- Made with unbleached and undyed fabrics
- Free size (very elastic, ideal for both men and women)
- Expect slight shrinkage after 1st washing as fabrics have not been pre-treated
- Made in Thailand

About the brand:

Green Cotton is a clothing and textile manufacturer from Thailand. They are concerned about the pollution caused by the textile industry so they make their products with undyed and unbleached cotton. All their products are made with 100% cotton and not synthetic materials. Their products' styles are simplistic and suitable for the hospitality industry. With their production practice, a lot of water, petroleum and electricity are saved on the way. Visit Green Cotton's official website for more details.

What's wrong with the current fashion industry?

Many of our clothes are sparkling white or full of bright colors or coated with sweatproof or non-iron materials. The bleaching, dyeing and special handling processes involve huge amounts of toxic chemicals, petroleum-derived substances and water. In many places in the world these harmful chemicals and substances discharge into the local water supply and seas without proper monitoring and purification, and they ultimately spoil the water sources and kill ocean creatures. What's more, during the textile production processes, many workers suffer from health problems associated with the toxic chemicals in use.
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