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Returns Policy

Please accept our apologies if the product that we delivered to you is damaged or has an inherent defect. Based on the following conditions we may be able to provide you an exchange or full refund.

1. The defect or damage is reported by phone or email within one (1) week after delivery

2. The defect or damage is recorded with self-explanatory photos or described sufficiently through phone or email for our initial record.

3. The item in question and its original packaging are kept for verification and return.

4. The defect or damage is not caused by misuse or mis-handling.

No returns will be processed for wrong sizes. 

Please direct all reports or inquiry about damages or defects to the following contacts. 

Tel: 3591 1526 / WhatsApp: 5239 6053

Upon understanding and investigation of the reported case, we will inform you by phone or email of the result of exchange or refund eligibility. If eligible, we will also inform you whether an exchange or a refund is arranged.

In general, after all required information about the defect or damage is received, the response time for eligibility / exchange / refund arrangement is roughly three (3) working days.  

If customer fails to report the defect or damage by phone or email within one (1) week after delivery, no exchange or refund will be considered.

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