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Pure Bamboo Pulp Toilet Paper 10 Rolls (3-Ply) x 3



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OULU bamboo tissues are made of 100% natural bamboo pulp which is not bleached or processed with any optical brighteners. OULU bamboo tissues are very soft yet very strong, highly-absorbent and anti-bacterial. They are a much better and greener alternative to conventional wood pulp tissues! 

"Sinocalamus affinis" bamboo fibres that are used for manufacturing OULU bamboo pulp tissues are known for their extraordinary cleaning abilities and breathable properties --- so is the "breathable fibre" name earned. They are anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, original, free from impurities, lint-free and do not cause itchiness. Choose OULU bamboo pulp tissues for a healthier and greener life! 

Harvested from the "bamboo sea" in Sichuan, China, "sinocalamus affinis" bamboos, among other bamboo species, are very easy to cultivate and extremely fast-growing. Scheduled harvesting around the years does not harm the health of the bamboo forests --- it actually encourages the reproduction of the bamboos and promotes their growth! 

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Find out more about OULU at (Chinese only currently) and their Facebook page "Oulu Tissue".
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