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Produce Stand Starter Kit Small (All 3 Materials of Bags)



Quantity :

Includes all 3 types of bags made of: 

- 1 x Natural Fibers (Organic Cotton + Hemp)
- 1 x rePETe (Recycled Plastic)
- 1 x rePETe (Recycled Plastic) with Mesh Front

Comes with 1 x Pear-shaped Pouch (with key chain) for easy storage of bags.

Bag dimensions: 22.5 cm x 23.5 cm approx. each

It's really really time to say goodbye to the vast amount of single-use and thin plastic bags that we use on our trips for grocery. We can definitely substitute them with ChicoBag's reusable, machine-washable produce stands!  

These smaller ChicoBag produce bags are perfect for getting small-size items like nuts, peas and herbs. They are also very good for carrying fruits, small bento or cold items out!  

About the brand:

ChicoBag's mission is to help humanity bag the single-use habit. They mean the wasteful, throw-away habit that overflows our landfills and clogs our oceans. They do this by advocating for waste reduction and designing the highest quality, longest lasting reusable bags. For more information about ChicoBag, please visit their official website at

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