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Oven Cleaner 500 ml



Quantity :
AURO Product No. 660

Country of origin: Germany

- The safest oven detergent
- Effectively cleans tough stains
- Residue-free & no impact on food safety
- 100% natural ingredients guaranteed
- Vegan

Effortlessly removes even strongest crustations and burnt-in residues. Ideal also for grills and hot plates. Mild scent. Food safe cleanness.

Do not use on painted surfaces, aluminium, plastics or rubber gaskets.

Directions for use:

Spray onto the cooled off, soiled surface from a 20 cm distance. Spare the ventilator opening of circulating ovens. If necessary, distribute evenly with a wet sponge. Let react for at least 1 hour, preferably overnight, then wipe thoroughly with a wet sponge. If some stubborn soilings remain, the application should be repeated.

Video below is in German:

About the brand:

AURO AG is specialized in ecological paints, impregnations, coatings and glues, as well as accompanying ranges like cleaning, care and maintenance agents. AURO manufactures products solely on the basis of mainly organic and mineral raw materials, and not just as a side assortment to a conventional standard product range, as most comparable enterprises do. To learn more about the brand, please visit AURO official website or Hong Kong's distributor website
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