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Machine-Washable Feminine Pad Regular x 3 Blooms (Comes with a P


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Charlie Banana®
Quantity :
1 pair of snaps (old version)

Unlike big-brand feminine pads which are manufactured using different toxic chemicals like super absorbent polyacrylate (SAP), chlorine and perfumes, Charlie Banana® pads are absolutely free of these substances. If you are suffering from intimate irritation problems or looking for a more eco-friendly and economical alternative, try Charlie Banana® machine-washable pads! They are very soft, comfortable and easy to wash!

Washing instructions:

Charlie Banana® pads are unbelievably stain resistant. Correct washing and drying methods can let your pads last for several years (using a number of them in the same period of time).

After each use, rinse them briefly and put them into a pail of cold water (or bring them into your shower with you beforehand). The residues will sink in the water. If they are not going into the washing machine in a day's time, you can add some baking soda or white vinegar into the water to prevent smell. Do not leave them unwashed for over 2 days. For washing machine, only use eco-friendly laundry powder/liquid (as conventional ones leave toxic residues on your clothes after washing), and do not use fabric softener or bleach as they will shorten the pads' life. Cold or warm water with temperature 40oC maximum.

Use eco-friendly detergent, or baking soda + pure white vinegar. 

Once washed, dry them in the sun or dryer (tumble dry LOW). Sunlight can kill germs and make your pads become whiter.

The waterproof pouch that comes with the pads are for your day-to-day traveling. You can fold the pads with the snaps (high quality ones) and put them into the pouch until you go back home and wash them.

Note: Pouch color on photo is for reference only.

Charlie Banana® feminine pads range has 4 sizes:

By estimate, every woman uses over 6,000 pads (vs. about 140 resusable ones) each throughout their lives (not takinig panty liners into account). That is 6 million pads for a mere 1,000 people. Imagine the unnecessary waste that go into the landfills and on our lovely earth.

About the brand:

Charlie Banana® was created out of a love for eco-friendliness, quality, and design. It manufactures and promotes high-quality babies, children's and feminine hygiene products that can be re-used and machine-washed. They believe changing habits can be done one at a time and individual efforts can make a huge difference. If successful, a lot of waste can be reduced and the earth can become greener. For further information, please visit Charlie Banana® official website at