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Laundry Liquid Ultra Sensitive Fragrance Free 500 ml



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Country of origin: New Zealand

Formulated from the latest generation plant based ingredients, this ultra concentrated laundry liquid cleans effectively and economically. Being free of things like optical brighteners, enzymes and synthetic fragrances means it is kinder to your skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

This ultra-sensitive fragrance-free version is perfect for those who suffer from skin allergies or those who are not comfortable with scents and is ideal for washing babies' clothes too.

ecostore products are independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure excellent results. So you never have to worry about their performance and can also at the same time protect the lovely natural environment.

Ingredients in this laundry liquid are eco-friendly. With proper greywater systems, the rinse water after use can be re-used to water plants and is suitable for septic tanks.

This laundry liquid is made to the strictest environmental standards in ecostore's ISO14001 and Enviromark Diamond certified factory in New Zealand.

ecostore understands that fragrance is one of the top allergens that causes Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD). Therefore they make sure their essential oil based fragrances are compliant to International Fragrance Association Standards while minimising the number of allergenic fractions they contain. They are developing a system on their website to make this information more accessible, and to help customers identify any allergens in the meantime, they identify these ingredients on their product labels with an asterisk like this: Linalool*, d-Limonene*, Coumarin* or Geraniol* And they offer Fragrance Free alternatives for many of their products as well.

ecostore guarantees that its products are:

- Not tested on animals
- GE Free
- Concentrated to save you money
- Packaged in the best materials available
- Labelled with a full list of ingredients

About the brand:

ecostore comes from New Zealand and is well-known for making and selling home and body cleaning products that are gentle both to the natural environment and human body. Their standards are held extremely high - no nasty ingredients are used in their products, not even those that they feel doubtful about. For more details on ecostore, please visit their New Zealand official website or Facebook page "Ecostore".
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