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Facial Cleaning Pad Organic Cotton x 2



Azure Canvas
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All Azure Canvas products:

‧ strictly observe and passed GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
‧ free of optical brighteners, formaldehyde, chemical pesticides and other toxic residues
‧ only eco dyes approved by GOTS are used
‧ air can go through fabrics and fabrics can absorb moisture much more easily comparing to conventional cotton products, where many harmful chemicals are used to treat, bleach, dye, set and shrink the fabrics and damaged the cotton fibers
‧ helps alleviate / solve skin allergy as well as other health issues on babies, children and adults
‧ helps relieve the plagues caused by the conventional cotton growing industry and protect cotton growers' health and lives
‧ hand-wash is recommended; use laundry net if machine-wash
‧ do not dry-clean / machine-dry / use chlorine bleach
‧ do not iron (low-temperature iron if necessary)

About this product:

‧ Good for both washing face and removing makeup
‧ Material: 100% organic cotton (imported from Turkey)
‧ Diameter: 10 cm approx. 
‧ Unbleached & undyed
‧ Made in Taiwan

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is different from conventional cotton which is grown with outrageous amount of highly toxic pesticides and chemicals in the past several decades when our economies and the textile industry bloomed. Only a small percentage of cotton farms today grow cotton organically (without using toxic chemicals and genetically-engineered seeds) - but the good news is, the situation is changing! With more people becoming aware of the downsides of the conventional cotton growing industry and finding greener alternatives for their lives, demands for organic cotton products are stepping up quickly. Using organic cotton products not only rids you the chance of getting irritated by chemicals left on the textile, it also, to a very large degree, is benefiting the cotton farmers, their families, their land, water, soil and country.

About the brand:

Blown by the facts that the conventional cotton growing industry uses crazy amount of highly-toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc, founder of Azure Canvas in 2006 decided to sell organic cotton products and hopes that through this act, the global cotton growing industry can gradually move away from using toxic chemical agents, the soils can recover, the environment can be less polluted and consumers can benefit from wearing cleaner, higher quality organic cotton products. For more information about the brand, please visit their official website at (in Chinese only currently).