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Dishwashing Liquid 500 ml Starter Set



Quantity :
AURO Product No. 473-01

Country of origin: Germany

- Highly concentrated and economical
- 500 ml can dilute into 2.5 L dishwashing liquid
- Powerful grease removal
- Effective cleaning with foam
- Gentle on hands
- Also recommended for cleaning windows
- Vegan

> New! Starter Set with Dosing Bottle:

Fill the dosing bottle with Dishwashing Liquid up to the 50 ml mark and add water up to the 250 ml mark. Mix well and add a few squirts to the dishwater and wash up as usual. Rinse with clear water and dry up.

About the brand:

AURO AG is specialized in ecological paints, impregnations, coatings and glues, as well as accompanying ranges like cleaning, care and maintenance agents. AURO manufactures products solely on the basis of mainly organic and mineral raw materials, and not just as a side assortment to a conventional standard product range, as most comparable enterprises do. To learn more about the brand, please visit AURO official website or Hong Kong's distributor website
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