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Dental Floss Bamboo Fibre with Activated Charcoal Cinnamon 35 m



Noosa Basics
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Country of origin: Australia

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal Bamboo Fibre, Natural Vegan Candelilla Wax, Virgin Coconut Oil, Essential Oils of Myrrh, Manuka, Clove, Spearmint and Cinnamon. That's it nothing else.

This activated charcoal bamboo fibre dental floss is infused with a blend of organic virgin coconut oil and 100% pure essential oils. It releases a burst of flavour, freshening your mouth, cleaning your teeth and healing your gums thanks to the antibacterial properties of the essential oils and well-known goodness of the organic virgin coconut oil used. Effectively cleans plaque and particles between your teeth and gums where your toothbrush cannot reach. 

How to use: Take about 30 cm of floss and wrap around the middle fingers, use your thumb to gently slide the floss between your teeth to just below the gum line. Gently slide floss between the teeth to prevent bleeding of the gums. Store in cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. 

About the brand:

All Noosa Basics products are handcrafted in small batches on a weekly basis in Noosa, Australia. They manufacture everyday personal care goods, using only finest quality organic ingredients, sourced from Australian suppliers. They have no hidden toxic ingredients, are free of aluminum, parabens, chemicals, fragrances, gluten and GMOs. Please visit their official website for more information. 

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