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Cloth Diaper Accessory: Disposable Insert (Bamboo Lined) x 32 pc



Charlie Banana®
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For occassional uses.

Great for occasional uses such as when traveling on long-distance flights and when laundry is not possible.

Avoid using them to reduce waste.

Hypoallergenic, free of: chlorine, dye and perfume.

Core of the disposable insert is made of biodegradable bamboo pulp fibres, with small amount of SAP (super absorbent polyacrylate) added to absorb liquids.

♥ Why Charlie Banana® Cloth Diapers?
- Saves at least 5,000 disposable diapers per baby
- Free of: toxic chemicals, fragrances, chlorine, traces of dioxin
- Infant skin is very sensitive
- Much lower chance of diaper rash
- Softer, more comfortable diaper = happy baby
- Easy to use & easy to dry
- Leak-proof designs
- Snap system for flexible thigh and waist sizes
- Inside elastic strap system (no-slip, hidden, adjustable) for different thigh size
- Potty-train earlier because babies feel the “wetness” for a few minutes (vs. instant dryness in conventional disposable diapers)
- Economical
- Durable
- Fashionable, colorful & fun
- Organic cotton lining version available
- Fully-compatible disposable inserts available for occasional uses

♥ Comparison
Quantities of diapers for reference only.

♥ Charlie Banana® Diaper System Overview

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♥ Accessories (Charlie Banana®)
Charlie Banana® accessories are not only good for your little ones – not only can they be used thoroughly for your babies, they also last and serve your other purposes, believe it or not! The following accessories may be needed when you cloth-diaper.

*Not available at AwareStore at the moment

 How to Use

Washing Instructions

Items that you would need:
• Small washing pail

• Dedicated hand brush
• Eco-friendly laundry detergent
• Pure white vinegar
• Baking soda

 Care Instructions
• Follow washing instructions above.
• The diaper fleece layer (vs. organic cotton lining) usually does not stain. It may stain slightly if baby ate certain food or took certain medicine.
• Always dry the diapers in the sun which can help fight germs and whiten fabrics.
• Always use disposable inserts and/or liner when rash cream or ointment needs to be applied on baby bottom.

If you need direct support from Charlie Banana® on the Charlie Banana® products that you purchased:

Tel: +852 2302 0527

♥ About the Brand
Charlie Banana® was created out of a love for eco-friendliness, quality, and design. It manufactures and promotes high-quality babies, children's and feminine hygiene products that can be re-used and machine-washed. They believe changing habits can be done one at a time and individual efforts can make a huge difference. If successful, a lot of waste can be reduced and the earth can become greener. For further information, please visit Charlie Banana® official website at