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Certified Organic Coconut Oil Virgin WILD 100 ml



Coconut Matter
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Coconut Matter's WILD virgin coconut oil is the world’s freshest virgin coconut oil. It is cold-pressed from wild coconuts grown in the pristine Solomon Islands to oil in less than 60 minutes by island natives ensuring a minimal invasive process that produces coconut oil with a better nutrients profile. The award winning Direct Micro Expelling™ process gives WILD its refreshing taste. Its delicate aroma will transport you to the white beaches and crystal blue waters of the pristine Solomon Islands. It is 100% Australian certified organic and certified free from contaminants including heavy metal, pesticides and plasticisers.

In addition to being one of the world’s most nutritious superfoods, WILD Virgin Coconut Oil can also be applied topically to hair and skin. It is soothing and full of moisture, as well as having a natural SPF of 4. Its versatility ensures less clutter around the house and a cost-effective household essential.

Know your sources, shop ethically with Coconut Matter. 
Purchasing WILD Virgin Coconut Oil provides a lifelong trade for the Solomon Islands’ family-run farms. Pristine reefs and rainforests are protected by utilising an existing resource and are supported by a sustainable, self-fuelling, zero-waste process.

Examples of uses: 

Begin your mornings with a spoonful of WILD virgin coconut oil in your hot dish, coffee, juice or smoothie. An edible and nutritious oil, that is also baby & pet friendly.

Or use as a serum to condition and protect your hair. Apply daily to keep skin hydrated or soothe eczema, sun burn, acne and bites. Suitable for all skin types.

High smoke point of 175oC, and more importantly its high resistance to oxidation and free radical damage, makes WILD Virgin Coconut Oil ideal for everyday stir-fly, baking and frying.

Learn more about Coconut Matter's favourite uses of their coconut oil at Coconut Matter Beginner’s Guide.

WILD Virgin Coconut Oil is not subjected to heat and as it is extracted from fresh coconuts, it’s enriched with benefits beyond ordinary coconut oil. It is higher in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, medium chain fatty acids and protein.

The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil are similar to the natural fats in breast milk and in turn, possess similar nutriceutical effects. Coconut Matter's coconut oil is comprised of at least 50% of lauric acid. Its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties make it an essential item in every home. When consumed, our body absorbs medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) directly to our liver, providing a boost of energy and increasing our metabolism to burn fat. Our liver also converts MCTs into ketones to produce alternative fuel to keep our brains going throughout the day.

Coconut oil is solid at cooler temperatures, liquid when warmed. Variations in color and consistency are natural for this oil. Store in dry place. No refrigeration is required.

About the brand:

Coconut Matter was founded on the desire to build a lifestyle that truly matters - a lifestyle fostered by wellness for the soul, the community and the environment. The company only works with fair-trade smallholders ranging from family-run farms, local women’s groups to small island communities. Every Coconut Matter product is ethically sourced, hand-crafted with purpose and sustainably packaged. For more information about the brand, please check out or their Facebook page "Coconut Matter - 好椰".

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