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Welcome to AwareStore! We love Hong Kong, and The Earth!

About Us

We haven’t respected the nature, so she doesn’t respect us either.

AwareStore is owned by Love Is Solution (HK) Limited, which is a new start-up company in Hong Kong that was founded because the owners are tired of the excessively lavish nature of the conventional living style and want to promote more eco-friendly consumable options in Hong Kong.  

AwareStore selects its products primarily by the following criteria: 

Raw materials are carefully-selected and do not harm the natural environment during their extraction and production AND no genetically-modified or -engineered organisms (GMO) are used

Manufacturing processes are well-designed and -monitored to ensure they do not pose harms to the natural environment and generate pollution (or pollution is properly and decently treated)

The product itself is of strict eco-friendliness and only serves essential needs

The manufacturing location is as close to Hong Kong as possible to minimize carbon footprint

However, unfortunately, the criteria stated above have not been met 100% currently due to various reasons. We recognize that it is almost impossible to source consumables that are 100% eco-friendly, after doing some research and sampling various products available on the market. Nevertheless, we guarantee that we will keep close eyes on the level of our compliance to these criteria and will continue to search for even-better products in coming months and years.

It is our hope that Hong Kong people can start to raise their awareness towards their mode of life and what conventional consumption has done to the natural environment.

We believe by sharing more information on these subjects with the consumers, they will understand better what have been done wrong, and what they should do now to save the already-dying planet.

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